Sometimes I feel the best thing to do is to just isolate myself from everyone. EVERYONE. deactivate Instagram. deactivate Facebook. Break my phone. Swallow socks until my vocal cords are clogged up and air can’t get through. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Be free of the noise. Just write. Just write. Just be alone. Just be by myself. With myself. In myself. Just be. No one to bother me. No one to criticize. No one to guilt me for not being better. I’m the sad one. I’m the broken one. I need help. So I help myself. I cut cords. I burn bridges. I return to nothing. Not even ashes. Not even atoms. Nothing. Isolate. Destroy. Rebuild. Stay inside. Take a walk. Lie down. Stand up. Silence. Noise. Alone. Together. Many times I find myself a walking paradox that embodies the tales of the Gemini. To quote my apparent obsession. To quote the one who’s gone. Do I place my faith in ghosts over friends? Am I unknowingly hurting the ones who love me for someone who doesn’t? Am I lost in a sea of delusion? Maybe just maybe the best thing to do is isolate myself. Brick by brick. Sleep. Regroup. Eat. Read. Cry if I have to. Indulge the darkness. Wrap myself in it. Wrap myself in it. Wrap myself in it. Goodnight.


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