Am I in control of my own life? 

Do the voices of others,




Get to dictate my decisions? 

Trying to please people 

Trying to keep the eggshells intact.

Trying to walk lightly 

And live well. 

If I could just make my decisions 

Without pressure from the outside 

That would be great. 

Following my own compass.

Living my own right. 

Instead of your wrong.



But like… maybe God sleeps in the nude. 

Maybe he only wears pajamas in the daytime. 

Maybe Earth was an accident 

Like he farted and it knocked over a table and that table started a chain reaction which ended in the creation of Earth.

It’s not entirely impossible. 

I just think there’s more to it. 


I begin to think something, an inkling of something. Possibility. My potential capacity to actualize aspiration. I feel the edges of my unlived life and quiver at its magnitude. I begin to think I am capable of incredible feats. A life of health, wholeness, joy, and deep commitment. So what stands in my way?


I can feel myself growing with each day. 

New opportunities are presenting themselves. 

For love. 

For work. 

For art. 

I am leaving behind what distracts me. 

And working hard to face what is in front of me. 

Breaking out on my own. 

Finding a space that is entirely mine. 

Setting boundaries with people. 

Finding myself within my own field. 

Cultivating peace and inner security. 

It is my inner strength that is bringing all this to pass. 

Taking refuge in the jewel of my own heart 

And thriving there. 

This is a new world I’m treading in. 

A new world of possibilities and satisfaction. 

Of needs met and passions pursued.

What starts from within will inevitably make its way out. 

And so I am beginning with the blank canvas of my soul, 

Forging ahead with a new life. 

One grounded in love and care and strength and resilience and fluidity. 

And I am excited for the day when finally my dreams come to pass 

Somewhere there is a layer of skin I no longer need, 

A shell going back to the earth 

While I rise 

Little by little 

Into the heavens.