Holy Grail

One day I woke up 

To find the holy grail lying next to me in bed. 

There was rust on it. 

And a few dried drops of wine at the bottom. 

I sat up and wiped the crusties from my eyes, 

And felt for the first time as though 

I knew I would be okay.



I underestimate myself

While I decimate my health.

Power is present

No matter how we use it.

Do we give to the easy weight of passivity?

Do we grow complacent and bitter

At the thought of our dreams

Simply for what they ask of us?

Do we shun them?

Scorn our inner child 

For wanting something beautiful

Out of this world?

How dare you 

Ask me to live this unlived life.

I do not want it.

I am not good enough for it.

You’ve got the wrong girl. 

Maybe try next door.

But I underestimate myself.

I give in to appalling behaviors.

I hurt myself 

Because it’s easier than

Stepping into my true power.

The Path

On the road. 

In the rain. 

Off the path. 

Skip the pain. 

Broken down. 

Beaten up.

Skipping town.

Staying up. 

In the dark. 

In the world. 

In a park

Is a girl. 

Going home. 

Ran away. 

Out of fear. 

Here to stay. 

Stand with me 

In a car 

Dream of you

Out afar. 

Life fell fast.

Rose up high. 

Crushed my chains

Gave me flight. 

Bring me back 

To the earth 

Heaven help

Break the curse. 

Off the road 

Feel the rain 

On the path 

Is the pain. 

Does It Mean?

Does it mean 

A couple dreams 

Will come true 

Up the stream? 

Does it mean 

Another tree 

Will grow here 

In the weeds? 

Does it mean 

The simple truth 

Of you and me 

Will die away, 

To make space 

For something new 

To come along 

And come to stay?

Does it mean 

That Mount Hood 

Will bring me down 

Into the earth?

Does it mean 

That our love 

Ever had 

Intrinsic worth?

Or does it mean

That every step 

Is just a step 

And nothing more?

Does it mean 


To be affected 

To our core? 

Unity in Nudity

When ever possible

I greatly recommend

Getting naked in the woods.

Feel the breeze on your skin

Even if it’s soft.

Feel the fly land on your arm

The moth on your leg,

Bees on a flower petal.

Feel your genitalia like mycelia,

Damp underfoot


Diana is hiding behind a tree

And if you center yourself properly

You might become like Aphrodite

Like Murphy

Like Miley

Like Zeus

Like children running in the pasture.

You might find yourself

Laughing for no reason.

Perched nude upon

A rock in a stream

Surrounded by wet moss

Gleaming green and gold

Yellow Janice flapping small and significant

Among the dying leaves

The herbaceous soil

The ferns and secret cedars.

There is very little difference

Between the pink of your flesh

Or the brown

And the hickories and the sycamores

And the pebbles dancing.

Take your clothes off

And find out for yourself

That nature envelops you too.

That you are home in your own bare skin.

Haikus for the Tribe

I cannot hear them

Anymore, or their wild

Musings, only wind.

At night they play loud,

Stuffing breezes full of sound

And strange sweet ruckus.

They dance on the shores,

To dimly heard drum rhythms

And the odd robin

Cawing in the trees,

Alone, shivering, saddened,

Hoping for return.

Hidden behind veils,

They live right alongside me.

We share in these woods.

But they are all home.

I am just an odd nomad,

Calling this place mine.