A novel thought

It was music that coaxed the Shaman from his crypt. It was music that reignited his soul. It was Anna who brought it to him. 


Sometimes someone comes into your life and sets your soul on fire and then they leave and it’s not because they’re bad or they don’t love you or something else. They just came in to shake loose everything that kept you stuck. They came in to wake you up. And at some point, letting go and finding gratitude for that becomes the very thing they were meant to give to you all along.


Ready to die 

Too heavy to cry 

Aspire for nice wings 

So I can steadily fly. 

Sick of interpretations

Sick of your perfect hatred 

Sick of you workin late and

Feeling like I’ve been taking 

All of this love for granted 

Sick of this fucking planet 

Really I can’t stand it. 

Really I’m just a phantom 

A shadow of a former self 

That wasn’t even whole 

It’s been ten years 

Of me searching for my soul 

At the hands of the unfinished 

hands of the broken 

So I’m alone w a mac, maschine, and a Roland. 

And I dream of just floating 

I think we’re just hopeless 

Drink somethin potent

Hoping you notice 

My self destructive tendencies 

Looking outside for the inside enemy. 

All the things you said to me 

I let it rest in peace 

God descend from the heavenly 

Been on some fucked shit 

Since I was seventeen 

When I told you the truth 

You told me you’d never leave. 

But what a load of crock

Wow I’m so shocked 

Now I need to stop 

Chilling on the block 

Stay workin in my room 

Until I finally get my shot. 

Begin by letting go of obvious burdens:

The past 

Conditional love, platonic or romantic

Broken promises. 

Burned bridges. 

You will begin to feel much lighter as you shed these weights. 

You will begin to see who and what matters most.

Your vision of the future will no longer be clouded with resent.