Your Vision Quest

I hope your vision quest 

Yields fields of Henriettas,

Rivers of clear potable water, 

Cacti itching to share their wit,

Songs on the street corner, 

No scrubs 

Purple Janices in your head space, 

Lingering, transforming 

Breathing in a freedom 

You have never tasted. 

And I hope you see me 

In the red stained hills.

I’ll miss you. 

I know it’s a short while 

But I will. 

And I will miss your laugh,

Calling you Kevin, 

Waking up to your creepy smile 

Beaming at me, 

Drinking beers in the park. 

It’s been a tender month 

Knowing you,

Growing too.

May the trajectory of our lives 

Yield the sweetest fruits

And may we learn together 

The art of loving 

As the ancients intended, 

Allowing it to become 

More impersonal with each passing day 

Until we are certain that love is a faculty 

And not an object to possess. 

I hope you find a place where the stars 

Wrap you like a blanket, 

And the lone wolf sings to the moon 

And your heart makes itself known 

In wondrous colorful ways.

I love you. 


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