Haikus for Dissatisfaction

Lying together 

In a bed but we are worlds 

 Off from each other.

And I’m reminded 

Of that crazed astrologer 

And the things she said. 

That I will not be 

Satisfied by small bread crumbs 

And copper pennies, 

That my heart yearns for 

A true connection of souls 

And not a thing less.

I feel that I am 

Reduced to a placeholder

For somebody else,

That my legs could just 

As well be someone else’s,

That my beauty’s lost 

Upon the heart of 

Someone who’s thoughts are far 

Away from this bed. 

And yet my fear looms

Like shadows making me

Scared to walk away

As though if I do 

I will never again grasp 

The frayed lovers card. 


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