Haikus on a Reckoning

I just think, you know,

Life is painful. It is not

Meant to be easy.

It’s meant to challenge

You and push your envelope

Out to its limits.

It’s meant to bring out

All of your hidden burdens.

Your ancient demons.

And relationships?

They are the pinnacle of

All that we experience,

All that we must face.

The relationship

To our self, and to others,

To environment.

How do we show up?

How do we impact the world?

How can we be good,

When we are so filled

With the plain old irony

Of our existence?

The intrinsic truth

Of all the paradoxes

Vying inside us?

When we point fingers,

There are always three pointing

Back at our own hearts.

When we gaze upon

The soul of another human,

Are we not staring

At infinity?

Tears in the fun house mirror?

Exalting evil

In the heart of humankind

Which includes the self?

What if I told you

That God made us this way on

Purpose? That within

Every single person

Lie monsters, angels,

Ancient archetypes

Shattered, broken, and frayed,

Giving us power

To inflict a great

Harm upon the ones we love

Despite the intent?

How would the sweet words

Of compassion and forgiveness

Taste inside our mouths,

Rattle in our heads,

Feel crashing inside our hearts?

Would we yet accept

The real possibility

That we are all good,

We are all evil,

And that in this great big world

Of cause and effect, karma,

There is always truth

To be reckoned with,

Within ourselves whether

We like it or not?



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