Haikus on Love’s Ingredients

I came to realize

That love, although, important

Was not sufficient

Reason on its own

To stay in relationship,

That many more things

Are needed to make love thrive.

As a flower does

Require water and light,

Space and attention,

Solid connection

Does call for ingredients

Such as honesty

And accountability,

Radical respect,


Based in fearless willingness

To behold the truth

Even if the truth hurts,

Even if it means shifting

Your understanding

Of your own shadow.

So vulnerability,

Which is hard enough,

Becomes the true key

To the salvation of love.

These profound ideals

Must be practiced from the start,

Otherwise we lose


To salvage ourselves

From toxicity.

And that’s where we’ve gone,

To a point of no return,

But that is okay.

I will always love

You no matter what happens

Though our time is done.




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