Haikus for the Dark

It was near midnight

By the time we got back home.

I sat in the dark

While raindrops drummed

Down on the orange tin roof

And the moon hung low

Behind sheets of clouds

Tucking in the stars for bed.

I saw you standing

Beneath the stone arch

Constructed in the front yard.

I thought of your skin

Your rushing goosebumps.

I thought of your eyes

Locked softly with mine.

I wondered how you

Might look after all this time

Spent apart from me;

How your face had changed.

How your hips felt in my hands

How your lips tasted.

I sat in the dark

And conjured in my body

Passion and sweet thoughts

Tender images

Flames and electricity

I held you to me,

Remembered your warmth

Played my fingers in your curls

Kept perfectly still.

But the night came in

The lamp glowing apricot

The dogs barking loud,

And you vanished from

Me, the reverie shattered.

Still I remained there

As the forest crept

And the frogs sang happily,

My heart awakened

To the ancient sound

Of river water flowing

And love lost to time.


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