Stop. Full stop.

Take a look for a second.

Touch your curls and pout your lips.

Tilt your head to the side.

Look yourself in the eyes.

See who you are.



A meaningless composition of atoms,

Bound to disperse themselves

Among the void.

A girl

Somewhere between youth and adulthood

Caught in some impenetrable chasm 

Some liminal space.

The feeling of betrayal

Walking in your bones.

A girl.

A monster perhaps,

But a girl nonetheless.

Now tilt your head the other way,

Arch your back.


Now don’t smile.


Close your eyes.

Now open them.

Now close them again.

This time imagine yourself.

Even if it’s different

Than what you see,

Dream yourself alive


Envision what’s possible,

Imagine that God gave you the keys 
To the car,

Imagine that you can drive 

Anywhere you like.

Go there.

Don’t come back.

Now open your eyes again.

Take a look for a second.

What do you see?

A girl.

A stranger,

But a girl nonetheless.


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