Someone shot an arrow out of a helicopter

It landed in a swimming pool

Out near Pasadena.

I would’ve drowned if I’d known

It was coming.

I would have dove in

In my sleep

To retrieve it

And maybe just maybe

I would have died

With my lungs full of chlorine.

Or maybe there was a tavern somewhere

With enough alcohol to poison me

Or a cubicle

Within which I might work

Some menial existence

Or a train to anywhere

Or a dead lover’s empty bed

Waiting for me

To languish in what has been lost.

But it was a swimming pool,

And I did not hear the news in time.

So the next day I wandered into the backyard 

Wearing nothing

But my shoes

And the sun was out

And I just sat there staring 

At the arrow

And I wondered where it had come from

And where exactly it was supposed

To have been going

And realized that sometimes

Life is purposeless

And meaning is just a word worth two dollars

I’d spend on a piece of shitty chewing gum

The day of my own funeral.


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