Goddess worship

Goddess worship.

A hidden liturgy

Simmering inside me.

The missing archetype.

The embodiment of yin,

The power of my feminine.

I am woman.

Queer and trans.

Good girl,

Bad slut.

Talk dirty to me.

Kneel at my feet

And show me 

The meaning of ecstasy.

Cradle me as you fuck me.

Make yourself at home

Deep inside me

Where a fire is waiting for you

The fire in my sacrum;

The seat of my soul

The source of creation

The yoke of lost identity.

Here to make the lower higher,

The lost, found.

Here to know

The value of being naked.

The beauty in being nude,

And embodying whatever

The heck this little bag of flesh

Really is.

The snake poised

At the base of my spine

Longs to raise me 

Into the sweet clouds of heaven,

To dip me into 

The fiery depths of being,

Where all that we fear

Waits for our embrace,

And for the chance 

The blessed chance

To be a conduit for the Goddess

And her whims on this ailing planet,

That desperately needs

More lovers

More truth tellers

More bubble baths and lavender candles.

Goddess worship,

What I call self care

What I call returning

To my essence

My natural state

The Whore 

The Holy One

The Mother

The Virgin

Light and dark.

The freedom of divine understanding

The pleasure that is our birthright,

The balance that is our peace.

Light some nag champa 

Bundle some sage 

Find yourself where you are,

And let your feet touch the earth

The way a good man touches

My soft goddess body.


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