Is Balance…?

Is balance a hidden gem buried in the earth?

Is it the fleck of gold in the crow’s mouth?

The honey in the highest bee hive?

Is it the missing link of human evolution?

Is it cold fusion and free energy? 

Is it the hermit in the woods,

Stolen away from the known world?

Is it the color of the Sun right before you go blind?

Is it the dust-covered tome of a forgotten civilization?

A vinyl your dad lost in a garage sale years ago?

Is balance a two-dollar bill blowing in the desert wind?

Is it the Saharan oasis?

The sound of my great grandmother’s velvet voice before she died?

Is it the floaty in the corner of my eye?

The giant squid in the deep ocean?

Is it the westward passage?

The wormhole to the fifth dimension?

Is it the sorcerer’s stone?

The elixir of immortality?

The godhead’s secret stash?

If I sit long enough, 

And breathe low enough,

Will I attain it?

Will it come to me in a dream?

Or nestle itself beneath my pillow

In exchange for a tooth?

What does it mean?

I am convinced,

To this day,

That being a human is the hardest thing

You’ll ever have to do,

Unless of course

You find the elusive groove 

Of a life lived

In balance.


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