Questions without Answers (a rap)

Wakin up in the height of a malaise. 

No reason to be sad 

I’ve been wandering for days

Now I find myself here at the foot of tall mountains

Trickles of water right behind me pouring out of white fountains.

Green grass lush as the summer sun

Crows fly, the party has just begun.

My feet are restless, yes always on the go.

My heart’s a big bucket but it’s so filled with holes.

Sustain light, pull it down, let it gather

But in my fear and my haste it slips out in a matter

Of seconds and minutes, the hours pass me by.

I’m missing someone from the past but I don’t know why.

What did they give me?

Broken bones and broken hearts

Throwing salt in the wound,

Calling you is where it starts.

Did I do something wrong?

Did I scare you away?

What about me makes you just want to escape?

So many questions, guess I am filled with guilt.

But I am so tired of scaling these walls that you built

To keep me out, you say, I dislike you.

But what if you knew that I was just like you?

That our souls are a mirror, no matter where that you look.

You thought when you left, there were traits that you shook.

Say, I am a good person, but I hate who I am

When I get around you and I don’t understand

How these parts could come out, the dark

Of my person

So it’s you that I blame when my soul starts hurting.

So here we are, lost, but found in our own way.

There’s silence on the line, what else is there to say?


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