A Regular Day (SIKE!! XD)

I wake up! See the Sun over my bed! And leaves fluttering on a thin branch. They’re saying, “Heyyyy Oh! It’s another Regular Day, Zo!” And I can’t help but giggle. For they are right. It is another Regular Day. A special day. A day to celebrate being me. Being alive. Today will be good day because the leaves say so. You know that?

Let love be a river and not a puddle.

Let yourself splash and play in its tide.

There’s a stick down by the bank. Fetch it for the dogue (that’s dog with a long O to be exact). But chew on it yourself.

There’s reason to smile if you let yourself wiggle a toe or two. It won’t kill you. It will make you strong as an ox, and squishy as a fish (a goldfish or a clown fish or, if you’re so inclined, an angler fish).

Find your smiles, and love your frowns.

Turn that confusion upside down.

Turn your eyes toward the horizon and see the mountaintop. Feel your power running through your body. Drink a Capri Sun and then blow into it until it’s full of air.

Then jump on it for the heck of it.

See? Wasn’t that fun?

Go out and have more of it. More fun. It’s there, hiding behind elm trees and tooting in the woods.


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