A second note 

Was an alabaster moon with a halo on her neck.

I looked for you in the light

And the strange jet plane zig zags.

A fly hums against the tin

And a baby blue jay sings,

Where do we go now, oh oooh whoah oh?

Now the Sun is out.

I mean really out.

Murphy the lab lazes on the deck

Reeks of a damn skunk.

Third time in two weeks.

I can’t help but think

She’s out there waiting to strike again.

Waiting to stink up the place.

And the wind is louder than the river.

And it’s warmer outside than in.

And a honeybee paid me a visit,

But had nothing to say.

I hoped to hear your voice in the trees

But only heard pootweet

From some distant fowl

Who sounded a lot like an old Xerox.

I left a note for you in the chicken coop

The chickens ate it faster than apple skins.



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