Days 14 & 15

“A vast swamp lies before you. Steady wading brings great breakthroughs. You may proceed.”

A lost tribe of Israel. The Second Coming of Christ in an African village. The Mormon’s New Jerusalem somewhere near Kansas City. Slavery. And a messiah who wants nothing to do with us.

This is the story of a barbershop quartet who’s not going to live forever. It’s the story of Pie, told in all its unabridged, unadulterated glory. It’s the story of a new world, where everyone is their own savior; and the New Jerusalem is an all-inclusive intersectional feminist paradise.

Ain’t that a hoot?

But it didn’t come in a day. It took time, and staying up past my bedtime.

I think what’s most wonderful about this is that I’ve rediscovered why I started this book; where it came from; from whence it bubbled and brewed.

‘Things grow and grow
But each goes back to its root.
Going back to the root is stillness.
This means returning to what is.
Returning to what is
Means going back to the ordinary’

‘The most difficult thing in the world
Must be accomplished through the easiest.
The greatest thing in the world
Must be accomplished through the smallest.’

‘People commonly ruin their work
When they are near success.
Proceed at the end as at the beginning
And your work won’t be ruined.’

-Tao Te Ching

The message I continue to get is this: It’s not about where this thing is taking me; it’s about being there now; relinquishing the desire to proceed anywhere and just sinking into the flow of things. That is the message of this book. That is the solution to the modern problem of differentiation. Outside the Tao there is duality, conflict, separation, paradox. Inside the Tao, all is one and moving.

So it is with my writing: write not to succeed but to write. A simple task; bland in its means. But I yearn not so much for success as I do for the flow of things; the true unobstructed cheese. Enter the stream, take my clothes off, my identities, my masks, and my socks. Become the stream. Let the illusion of individuality float down the river.

Write to write. Do in the end as in the beginning. Be here, Zoey. Here’s where the magic is, fool.


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